Kids soft play area ashburn
Hyper Kidz is committed to establishing indoor playgrounds which are compliant with International Safety and Quality standards.

ASTM F1918-12 of USA

We comply with ASTM F1918-12, a safety standard which is made specifically for indoor playgrounds. This is one of the most recognized indoor playground safety standards in the world.

Hyper Kidz uses high-quality materials which have been tested and certified according to the anti-toxic and fire retardant standards set by ASTM 1918-12.

Our indoor playgrounds are designed in compliance with the ASTM standards. As such, our playgrounds have passed the required safety inspections, health inspections, and fire inspections required.

Safety Rules

  • Parents are required to accompany young children in our indoor playground.
  • Use the indoor playground at your own risk.
  • Socks must be worn at all times. Children with special needs are not required to wear socks.
  • Remove sharp objects before using the playground, such as hair clips.
  • Remove shoes while inside our indoor playground.
  • Do not run; walk at all times.
  • Older children are advised or encouraged to give way to younger children.
  • Always be respectful towards other children.
  • No pushing or hitting other children.
  • For your own safety, please report any incident to the manager on duty.
  • Our team will check wrist bands upon exit to ensure child safety.